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                      CKW 410

                      High Capacity Checkweigher CKW 410 LOG

                      The CKW 410 LOG checkweigher is designed for the weight acquisition of automatically conveyed products as well as the transmission of this information to a PLC-type or management PC external device.
                      – Dynamic or static weight measurement.
                      – Tolerance check.
                      – Missing product check.
                      – Order compliance check.
                      – Transport fee estimation.
                      – Legal for trade or non trade use.
                      – Eased integration into the handling line.
                      – Available in standard version or stainless steel version.

                      Operator Interface of the Checkweigher
                      User-friendly I410 terminal including a backlit graphic screen and a 10-function key keyboard.
                      The terminal is available in 2 versions:
                      * I410 D to be integrated in a remote box or cabinet
                      *I410 D-S in an IP66 stainless steel box mounted on the conveyor by a column.

                      Mechanical build of the CKW 410 LOG Checkweigher
                      – PVC belt: 400 or 600 mm length on slider bed.

                      – Length: 800, 1000 or 1200 mm.

                      – Height: 700 or 800 mm +/-50 mm fine adjustment.

                      – 50 Hz speed: 30 m / min (adjustable by frequency inverter).

                      – Maximum pace: 60 parcels per minute.

                      – Balanced bi-conical ? 80 motor drum.

                      – Balanced bi-conical ? 50 rear drum.

                      – Mounting on 4 stainless steel load cells.

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